3 Signs That a Relationship is Ready for Marriage

Being completely certain about choosing a lifelong partner is challenging. The possibility of viewing your partner through rose-colored glasses, only to discover you fell in love with an idea, can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, scientific research has made progress in this area. While finding "the perfect person" can never be reduced to an exact science, empirical evidence highlights what can be seen as strong indicators of a lasting bond.

These three signs can be indicators that your relationship is ready for the next step.

1. Time Together is Enjoyable

Spending quality time together is the foundation of any romantic relationship. Whether it’s talking, engaging in activities together, or simply sitting comfortably in silence, time together should be something you look forward to.

A recent study published in "Contemporary Family Therapy" finds that people who spend more time interacting with their partner experience greater closeness to them. Couples who spend more time conversing with each other have higher relationship satisfaction and perceive more positive qualities in their relationships. These couples also show greater use of constructive communication, which can ultimately impact relationship and marriage quality.

A growing close relationship also involves the ability to slow down and relax in each other’s company. You shouldn't feel the need to fill all your time together with exciting activities or constant chatter. If simply being together and relaxing in comforting silence is enjoyable for both you and your partner, then you might just be with the right person.

2. You Communicate Effectively

Couples communication habits can strengthen or ruin their relationship. It can be difficult to consider marriage or long-term commitment if you and your partner have incompatible or flawed communication styles. Poor communication can lead to resentment, which in turn leads to frequent arguments or silent treatments.

The "Contemporary Family Therapy" study concludes that constructive communication leads to higher relationship satisfaction, and couples perceive more positive qualities in their relationships.

Moreover, if a couple shares a strong bond, the quality of communication also plays a role in relationship satisfaction and happiness. A recent study found that positive relationship maintenance behaviors and integrating one’s partner into one’s own identity can improve relationship satisfaction and happiness. Positive behaviors within a relationship, such as openness, affirmation, and sharing tasks, can facilitate a strong bond between a couple.

If your relationship involves open communication, appreciation, and a fair division of tasks and emotional work, then your bond with your partner could be deep enough to consider preparing for a happily ever after.

3. Your Partner is Your "Financial Fit"

Financial compatibility can address several concerns and insecurities within your relationship. Sharing financial goals can help you tackle large expenses and savings together as a team. Viewing your partner as capable of making sound financial decisions can provide a sense of comfort and ease concerns about future hardships.

A study in the *International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health* found that how couples handle their money impacts their relationship quality. Finances theory," which states that financial problems lead to relationship and marital issues. Effective financial management fulfills needs and reduces financial uncertainty in the future.

Furthermore, the study discovered that credit management and insurance play the most significant role in determining the quality of relationships. Strong credit management and purchasing insurance can make a person appear attractive and reassuring, providing their partner with a sense of security.

Financial resources and how they are managed are essential components in determining the quality of close relationships and subsequent happiness. Sharing financial goals and demonstrating sound financial management can be a good indicator for a suitable life partner.

Finding the right partner for marriage is a journey filled with reflection and shared experiences. These tips help you choose the right partner. Marriage is a significant commitment, and taking the time to assess your compatibility and readiness is an important step in ensuring a strong and healthy partnership.

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