Open Tunnel APK Download- Best Free VPN 2022

Open Tunnel APK Download

Open Tunnel APK Download For android is the best free VPN App for using internet Anonymously. In this article I will show you all the setting of this VPN and all its function. Open tunnel APK download is a fast and free VPN. And its also give you full privacy every time when you want. so lets start the topic with its features.

Open Tunnel APK download Features

  • Fast Speed
  • Secure and Private
  • Free Of Cost
  • Create Your Own Setting
  • SSH Server
  • Payload Option

Fast Speed

Open Tunnel APK Download VPN is very fast VPN Server. if you want to use a fast VPN and looking for a light weight VPN also so this is the best choice for you. Its give you fast speed internet connection. Streaming and surfing experience is very Good on this VPN.

Secure and private

So If you are looking for a secure and fast VPN this is also good option for you. open tunnel APK download provide you privacy and security as much as you want. If you using any internets server when you connecting this VPN its secure your privacy all the time. this VPN provide you security always.

Free of cost

Open Tunnel APK Download VPN Service is free of cost for all time. you don’t need to pay anything to any one for any its features its free of cost for using any server and any its feature. So if you don’t have budget to buy premium service of other V how charge for their subscription you can easily use this VPN.

Create Your Own Setting

This VPN Provide you an Option Of Creating Setting of your own Type. For Creating Your own Site You Need to Click On Setting Option. If you Open The setting Option enter your all the information and Save it for using your own setting.

Payload Option

Some of the User have their own payload and wanted to use their own payload server so open tunnel APK download VPN provide you this option also. Go to the homepage of this VPN and its show you payload option in front of you. enable the option and enter your payload for using this VPN. This is the best ever VPN that give you payload option in home page in the app.

How To use Open Tunnel APK download

For using this VPN Open The Open Tunnel APK Download APP and enter the Setting you want. If you don’t Know how to to enter all the setting so don’t worry I am giving you a file with all the setting is done and you just need to import it on open tunnel app for using it. so if you also don’t know how to import file I also tell to you in next paragraph. so if you import file click on connect button and your VPN is ready for used and you can easily use this.

How To Import File On Open Tunnel 

For importing file on open tunnel app you need to download open tunnel config file from the download link given in the end of this article. If you click you can easily download and then easily import. For importing the file open the app and click on file option given in the top right side of the home section. If you click on this option it show you import and export option click on import option for importing file. make sure the file extension is .tnl because open tunnel only sport .tnl file.

Open Tunnel Download

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